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The industry's first and only software licensing and entitlement management solution delivered from the cloud

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Sentinel® Cloud is a comprehensive licensing and entitlement management solution for publishers of both on premise software and cloud delivered services. It provides software publishers with tools to build versatile product catalogs, provision and authorize user access, measure product usage, and instantly adapt product packaging from the cloud.

Software publishers that license their software and services with Sentinel Cloud enjoy the following benefits:

  • Collecting usage data and introducing pre and post pay pricing models – With Sentinel Cloud, software publishers can collect accurate usage data and find out which features of their software are most or least popular. The data collected helps to drive strategic decisions and develop products that better match customer needs. In addition, access to customer usage data enables software publishers to expand their business models through the introduction of various consumption-based pricing options.

  • Creating new packaging and allowing customers to purchase features à la
    – Using Sentinel Cloud’s Entitlement Management System (EMS), software publishers can bundle software features and define a variety of unique product packages. Likewise, software publishers may let customers purchase features à la carte so they are not restricted to the purchase of the software and its features as a whole. This opens up new sales opportunities for customers who had been previously priced out by the software publishers’ traditional ways of licensing.  

  • Authorizing software access from any device while enforcing license compliance – Software publishers using Sentinel Cloud no longer have to tie a license to a single machine, but rather – to a single user. This gives them the flexibility to authorize user access to software from desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other devices. At the same time, Sentinel Cloud provides protection from credential abuse to ensure that only licensed users can access the software from multiple devices.  

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