Hybrid Token-Based Authentication

Access Control Security via USB & Smart Card Tokens

SafeNet’s advanced and innovative hybrid token-based authentication tokens offer versatility and flexibility by combining one-time password (OTP) capabilities, encrypted flash memory, or certificate-based technology on the same strong authentication device. 

The cryptographic processing, advanced access control security, and user-friendliness offered by these tokens make them easy-to-use solutions for protecting user credentials.

Explore Our Hybrid Authentication Products:

eToken NG-OTP

SafeNet's eToken NG-OTP token combines one-time password capabilities and secure portable credential storage in a single USB authenticator.

SafeNet eToken NG-OTPView Product Details

iKey 1000

The SafeNet iKey 1000 is a USB device that can generate and store user credentials, such as private keys and digital certificates, inside the protected environment of the smart card chip.

iKey 1000 USB TokenView Product Details

eToken 3400

eToken 3400 ensures secure remote access by generating a dynamic one-time passcode which is keyed into the login screen instead of a password.

SafeNet eToken 3400 USB AuthenticatorView Product Details

eToken 7300

SafeNet eToken 7300 is a certificate-based authentication solution that securely stores data and applications on up to 64GB of encrypted flash memory.

eToken 7300View Product Details

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