SQL Server 2008/2012: Encryption Key Storage and SafeNet Enterprise HSM

Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful relational database that enables organizations to scale operations with confidence, improve IT and developer efficiency, and effectively manage business intelligence on a self-service basis. With SQL Server, enterprises can process large volumes of data in fractions of a second making data mining and near instant insights easy. 

SafeNet Enterprise (formerly Luna SA) HSM integrates with Microsoft SQL Servers to securely store encryption keys and manage such cryptographic operations as key creation, deletion, SQL encryption, and SQL decryption. SafeNet Enterprise HSM's addition allows administrators to store SQL server’s master cryptographic keys within a protected hardware appliance and not on the same software platform where encrypted data is stored. Verifiable audit trails act as a deterrent and serve as evidence that keys are properly managed and secured throughout their entire lifecycle to make demonstrating compliance easier.

In addition to the SafeNet Enterprise HSM, the high-security SafeNet PCI-E (formerly Luna PCI) HSM accelerator card can also be integrated directly in the Microsoft SQL Server. When embedded, the SafeNet PCI-E HSM adds security, accelerated cryptographic performance and CPU offload to improve overall performance.

Resources and Additional Information

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