SQL Server 2008/2012 Database Encryption

Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful relational database that enables organizations to scale operations with confidence, improve IT and developer efficiency, and effectively manage business intelligence on a self-service basis. With SQL Server, enterprises can process large volumes of data in fractions of a second making data mining and near instant insights easy. 

 Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure encryption platform secures SQL Server databases through granular field or column-level encryption. The appliance’s high-performance cryptographic processing allows administrators to offload critical encryption tasks so security efforts do not impact database operations. Large enterprises with disparate encryption systems can also employ SafeNet KeySecure as an external key manager and storage device for third-party encryption offerings. Consequently, organizations employing SQL Server’s encryption capabilities can store those cryptographic keys, as well as keys for other encryption products, on the appliance. SafeNet KeySecure maximizes overall security and streamlines security administration to help ensure organizations are compliant with a range of security best practices and regulations.