SharePoint: Web Services and SafeNet Data Protection

SharePoint is a collaboration and file sharing platform that facilitates content management and communication throughout an enterprise. Available as an on premises deployment or as a hosted service, SharePoint offers flexible deployments to match the needs of small and large scale enterprises alike. The ability to consolidate resources from disparate collaboration solutions onto SharePoint makes it possible for administrators to reduce training and maintenance expenses while also increasing IT productivity.

For organizations needing to secure SharePoint deployments, SafeNet Enterprise (formerly Luna SA) HSM can serve as the trusted root for the encryption features offered by Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS), Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Despite the use of multiple Microsoft encryption solutions, a single SafeNet Enterprise HSM can store keys from the disparate deployments to provide a security foundation to data in use, at rest and in transit.Microsoft integrates with both SafeNet Luna SA and SafeNet Authentication Service to provide users with a web services solution.

In addition to storing encryption keys, SafeNet Enterprise HSM improves overall performance by offloading resource intensive SSL operations from the IIS server. This added benefit ensures that administrators need not choose between performance and security when protecting network communications.

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