Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager: Identity Management and SafeNet Enterprise and SafeNet PCI-E HSMs

Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) is an identity management system that allows administrators to centrally manage identities and credentials across an enterprise in order to streamline administration and facilitate the enforcement of corporate policies. Close integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Server means administrators can effectively manage credentials from a central point so that it is easier to ensure that only appropriate users have access to sensitive materials. Additionally, detailed auditing capabilities, automated full lifecycle identity administration and self-service features combine to reduce the amount of time spent on help desk calls and audit reporting. Gemalto's SafeNet HSM and authentication solutions integrate with FIM to enhance the security operations involved in verifying and managing enterprise identities.

Gemalto's SafeNet Enterprise and SafeNet PCI-E (formerly Luna SA and Luna PCI) HSMs integrate to protect the private keys and certificates that are assigned to users to verify their identities. When administrators store these materials in a SafeNet Enterprise FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated tamper-proof hardware appliance, they ensure that the materials are never exposed outside of the HSM and are always protected from unauthorized users. By building the FIM certificate management infrastructure with the SafeNet Enterprise HSM as the secured root, administrators ensure the integrity of all of their identity verification transactions.