Microsoft Active Rights Management Services Rights Management with SafeNet Enterprise HSM

Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) is an information protection server that safeguards digital information from unauthorized use. Through the use of encryption, content owners using AD RMS can define which users have access to and can take actions on their content (for example Word documents, email, web pages, etc.). Its close integration with Active Directory identity management tools make it easy to assign access privileges to users in an organization. Additionally, usage policies travel with the files so access controls remain in place regardless of the file’s location. AD RMS secures files from a wide range of products including Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Exchange Server, Internet Explorer and Internet Information Services (IIS).

 AD RMS users can deploy Gemalto's SafeNet Enterprise HSM (formerly Luna SA) to securely store the encryption keys used in protecting digital content. Keeping RMS encryption keys in SafeNet Enterprise HSM's tamper-proof appliance means that only authorized users will ever have access to the keys necessary for accessing secured digital content. Since master encryption keys never leave the appliance, only authorized users can get the keys they need to decrypt RMS protected files. SafeNet Enterprise HSM preserves the security of secured files by keeping the keys necessary for properly accessing data out of harm's way. SafeNet Enterprise HSM by Gemalto  integrates well with Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services to provide users with rights management and IAM solutions.

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