IBM Security Access Manager WebSEAL: Web Server with SafeNet Enterprise HSM

IBM and Gemalto, via IBM Security Access Manager WebSEAL and SafeNet Enterprise HSM, deliver integrated capabilities that enable customers to optimize the security and performance of online communications and transactions. Together, enterprises can harness secure key and certificate storage and robust SSL acceleration to protect their online presence and business applications, along with transactions. 

IBM Security Access Manager WebSEAL is a high-performance web server that allows customers to apply fine-grained security policies to their web-based Security Access Manager environments. WebSEAL provides single sign-on capabilities and enables customers to apply policies to back-end web application server resources. Using IBM Global Security Kit (GSKit) libraries, ISAM WebSEAL uses encryption to secure network communications. To maintain the integrity of SSL operations, ISAM WebSEAL stores encryption keys at the root of the SSL handshake in SafeNet Enterprise HSMs.

Resources and Additional Information

SafeNet Enterprise HSM and IBM WebSEAL Solution Brief