PureData for Transactions: Database Encryption with SafeNet KeySecure and SafeNet ProtectDB

 IBM PureData System for Transactions, powered by IBM’s DB2® database software, is a fully integrated system optimized for delivering highly scalable transactional workloads. Capable of consolidating more than one hundred databases on a single system, its active clusters ensure reliable data availability as systems scale. SafeNet KeySecure and SafeNet ProtectDB by Gemalto deliver powerful database encryption and centralized key management to secure sensitive data automatically as it flows into and out of PureData System for Transactions databases. Encryption takes place at the column level, altering existing tables to store the resulting ciphertext so customers benefit from security without losing important database functions.

SafeNet KeySecure with SafeNet ProtectDB provides a fast, flexible, and seamless solution to address business needs and compliance requirements. IBM PureData System for Transactions provides highly scalable and highly reliable data services, ready in minutes, which Gemalto secures—making it an ideal combination for mission-critical enterprise applications.

Resources and Additional Information

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