Amazon EC2 and S3: Key Management and SafeNet Virtual KeySecure

SafeNet Virtual KeySecure: Try it for 30 days for free in AWS Marketplace

SafeNet Virtual KeySecure for AWS Marketplace centralizes key management for SafeNet ProtectV-secured virtual instances, as well as other use cases, using a hardened virtual security appliance that runs in the AWS cloud. 

The combination of SafeNet Virtual KeySecure and SafeNet ProtectV enables organizations to unify encryption and control across virtualized and cloud infrastructure, increasing security and compliance for sensitive data residing in AWS EC2 instances. 

SafeNet Virtual KeySecure allows organizations to quickly deploy centralized key management in high-availability, clustered configurations. Additionally, SafeNet Virtual KeySecure ensures that organizations maintain ownership of their encryption keys at all times by hardening the appliance OS and enforcing encryption of the entire virtual appliance.


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