VPN Security via Strong Authentication

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In the current decentralized IT environment, the organizational Virtual Private Network (VPN) is just one of several ways to access confidential network resources and critical business applications. Organizations are deploying core business applications and sensitive resources across a greater number of web-based, cloud-based and on premise servers.

At the same time, as employees are increasingly mobile and expect greater access, organizations are looking to ensure secure VPN access. Administrators need to create consistent authentication policies for secure access to all corporate resources and keep their authentication solution flexible, cost-effective, and easy to-deploy.

Effective VPN Authentication Solutions

SafeNet authentication platforms allow organizations to effectively ensure secure employee access to the organizational VPN. Providing central management of all authentication administrative activities, including provisioning and deployment, enables organizations to reduce the total cost of ownership, lower IT maintenance costs and operational overhead, and yet ensure flexibility and scalability.

Delivered as-a-service from the cloud with SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) or on-premises, SafeNet authentication platforms allow remote access from any device, while offering numerous seamless and prevalidated integrations with leading VPN solutions.

SafeNet's platforms also provide organizations with the flexibility to deploy a wide range of form factors side-by-side: Depending on employee usability requirements and organizational privileges, organizations can select the authentication methods most suitable to them, including software, hardware, smart cards, USB, one-time password (OTP), and out-of-band via push notification, email and SMS text messages.


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Strong user authentication with a VPN provides true secure remote access for today's mobile workforce.

SafeNet VPN Authentication Features

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  • Our VPN authentication solutions operate seamlessly with all leading VPN products, including:

    • MicroSoft

    • Check Point

    • Cisco

    • Juniper

    • Nortel

    • Siemens

  • VPN two-factor authentication using varied methods, including PKI certificate-based authentication, out-of-band via push notification, email or SMS text messages, one time passcodes and pattern-based authentication.

  • Secure access from any platform, including unparalleled support for certificate-based access on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms

  • Rapid and easy deployment with SafeNet’s Token Management System (TMS), a single system managing the entire VPN security solution

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