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An increasingly mobile workforce, the use of multiple endpoint devices, and the move of applications to the cloud are blurring the boundaries of the traditional network security perimeter. To keep sensitive data safe while simultaneously enabling workers, organizations need to deploy secure remote access solutions, even when their employees are located in the office.

When corporate resources are scattered across cloud-based, web-based, and on-premises applications and databases, the need for unified authentication policies is critical in ensuring transparency and consistency for access controls.

Addressing Remote Access Security Challenges

SafeNet authentication solutions allow organizations to effectively ensure secure employee access to a company’s sensitive resources be they located on-premises or in the cloud, regardless of the end-point device being used.

SafeNet offers organizations flexible delivery models combined with a wide range of form factors and authentication methods, including out-of-band via push notification, SMS or email, which can be deployed together to meet usability requirements and assurance levels.

SafeNet authentication platforms offer automated processes including provisioning and deployment, which help organizations lower operational overhead and reduce the true cost of ownership.

Supported Solutions:

To find out how SafeNet solutions can help you protect your local network from unauthorized access, explore these strong authentication offerings:

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