Context-Based & Step-Up Authentication Solutions

Convenient, Frictionless Strong Authentication

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SafeNet’s context-based authentication offers convenient, frictionless strong authentication while maintaining the flexibility and agility to add protection with stronger methods of security when required.

Combined with “step-up” authentication – requiring additional user authentication as needed based on an activity score – context-based authentication offers a multilayer cost effective approach to access control.

With context-based authentication, employees can easily and securely access enterprise and SaaS applications, as long as they meet pre-defined policy rules set in advance by the administrator. If a user does not comply with the access rules in place, they might be requested to provide an additional authentication factor before they are granted access. This could be an SMS message or a one-time passcode generated by a phone token or hardware token, depending on organizational policies.

How It Works

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SafeNet Next-Generation Authentication leverages configurable policy rules to enable granular control over the level of authentication required each time a user logs on to an online resource.

The context engine analyzes a user’s logon attributes based on a set of configurable parameters—including geographical location, IP address, time of day, and device recognition—and generates a context assurance level. Each context assurance level requires a different level of authentication as administrators optimize security for any given logon instance.

Context-based authentication is currently supported on SafeNet Authentication Manager.

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SafeNet Authentication Manager

SafeNet Authentication Manager

The SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) provides organizations with a comprehensive platform to manage the full authentication life cycle across the enterprise and extend strong authentication to the cloud using a single, integrated system.

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