SafeNet eToken 3400 Smart Card

Dynamic one-time passcode, keyed into a login screen

SafeNet eToken 3400

The SafeNet eToken 3400 is a strong authentication card that ensures that all remote access to corporate resources and applications is secure. SafeNet eToken 3400 generates a dynamic one-time passcode which is keyed into the login screen instead of a password.

By requiring users to log on using two-factor authentication, organizations can effectively ensure that only authorized personnel can access restricted network resources and online services. Two-factor authentication consists of:

  • Something the user has: An authentication card that generates a unique passcode for each logon session

  • Something the user knows: His or her username

SafeNet eToken 3400 eliminates the risk of hacked, stolen, and forgotten passwords and offers a secure, portable solution for mitigating the risks of unauthorized access and identity theft. Moreover, SafeNet eToken 3400 lets organizations comply with a range of privacy and privacy and data protection regulations.

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Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature

-10°C - 40°C

Storage Temperature

-10°C - 50°C

Humidity Tolerance

 90% relative humidity at 40°C for 240 hours

Dynamic Bending

ISO/IEC 7816-1 Sec. 4.2.9 1,000 Bends minimum

Dynamic Torsion

ISO/IEC 7816-1 Sec. 4.2.10 1000 Cycles minimum

OTP Security Algorithm

  • Event OTP - HOTP HMAC-SHA256
  • Time OTP - TOTP HMAC-SHA256

Life Cycles

  • eToken 3400: 3 years or 33,000 OTP cycles
  • eToken 3410: 3 years or 43,000 OTP cycles







Available Configurations

  • SafeNet eToken 3400 - Event-based
  • SafeNet eToken 3410 - Time-sync

Management Server

Supported Solutions

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Smart Card Icon
  • Strong authentication card with OTP function (LCD display, and OTP generation button)

  • Support for OATH OTP protocol

  • Credit card form factor

  • Standard support for RADIUS OTP

  • Event-sync configuration 

  • Adding a smart-card component enables using the token for Certificate-Based-Authentication (CBA)

  • An RFID coil can be added for Physical Access capabilities 


  • Provides secure local and remote access to networks, applications, and web based services

  • Extremely portable and convenient to carry around

  • Supported by extensible and flexible management platform that allows you to seamlessly extend strong authentication to the cloud

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