SaaS Security: Cloud Access Control

Protect access to cloud-based applications via centrally-managed authentication

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When data and applications move to the cloud, user access - by default - takes place remotely. Organizations therefore have to implement access controls for corporate resources both in the cloud and within the confines of the data center.

As the switch to the cloud blurs the boundaries of the traditional network security perimeter, organizations are having difficulty affording, implementing and managing consistent, unified access policies to distributed corporate resources.

Strong Authentication for Cloud-Based SaaS Applications & Services

SafeNet authentication solutions overcome this challenge by allowing organizations to seamlessly extend secure access to the cloud through identity federation.  SafeNet authentication platforms leverage organizations’ existing authentication infrastructures, allowing them to extend users’ on-premises identities to the cloud and enabling them to implement unified access control policies for both cloud and network applications.

The SaaS service is configured to allow access only to those users given permission by SafeNet’s authentication platform.

Learn more about implementing secure access controls to cloud applications with SafeNet solutions:

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With SafeNet's multi-factor authentication solutions, you can leverage a unified authentication infrastructure for both on-premise and cloud-based services—providing a centralized, comprehensive way to manage all access policies. Users can log into enterprise cloud services such as Office365, Salesforce.com or GoogleApps through your existing SafeNet authentication mechanisms.

SafeNet's multi-factor authentication solutions for SaaS makes it easy for enterprises to maximize cloud authentication security by offering the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive platform: All SafeNet solutions can be managed through SafeNet Authentication Manager or SafeNet Authentication Manager Express (formerly SafeWord 2008), which serve as a central management server that enables identity federation, access controls, and strong authentication to both on-premise and SaaS applications.

  • Deployment and form factor flexibility: SafeNet offers the broadest authentication portfolio, including PKI certificate-based authentication, out-of-band via push notification, email or SMS text messages, one time passcodes, contextual authentication and more, ensuring that organizations can tailor their solutions to their unique security and business objectives.

  • User friendliness: Automatic provisioning and federated login to cloud-based (SaaS) applications.

  • Advanced reporting: SafeNet authentication platforms offer extensive reporting capabilities that streamline compliance with a host of security regulations and policies.

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"The availability and built-in capacity of SafeNet’s Authentication Service cloud delivery model not only proved to be able to scale with our business, but is able to do so in a very efficient and cost-effective manner."

– Marc Chambault, Product Manager, Integralis

 Learn more about implementing secure access controls to cloud applications with SafeNet solutions:

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