SafeNet Crypto Command Center

Cryptographic Resource Provisioning for Virtual Data Center, Private and Public Cloud Environments

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Enterprise and Service Providers can now securely and easily manage their crypto resources from one central location. With SafeNet Crypto Command Center, customers can exploit the benefits of virtualization through the management of SafeNet Network Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), and expand their IT infrastructure in physical, cloud, hybrid cloud and virtual environments.

SafeNet Crypto Command Center enables businesses of all types of sizes to quickly and cost-efficiently manage crypto services and customers. As the market’s first true crypto hypervisor, encryption services are delivered in minutes versus days, while maintaining full control of their encryption services and data. The end result is a solution that combines security, efficiency, improved quality and simplicity.

How SafeNet Crypto Command Center Works

With SafeNet Crypto Command Center, security administrators can create a centralized pool of high assurance cryptographic resources that can be provisioned out to the people and lines of business in their organization that need them.

Administrators set up crypto service templates with predefined HSM capabilities, which users can then leverage to provision services in a standardized and compliant manner. Crypto resources can be provisioned on demand for one to thousands of HSMs simultaneously.

Premium and Freemium Ordering Options

In addition to our Premium license version that offers full provisioning capabilities, you can also test drive SafeNet Crypto Command Center with our Freemium license. Easily install and sample the software in a non-production environment to determine how you too can benefit.

With SafeNet Crypto Command Center you can benefit from:

  • Crypto as a Service: Quickly and cost-efficiently manage crypto services for your enterprise or customers.

  • Route to Cloud: Lower costs, increase scalability, compliance, and ease of use in cloud infrastructures.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Drastically reduce Total Cost of Ownership and administration compared to disparate alternatives.

  • Single, Centralized Platform: Reduce the total cost of implementation and operation, simplify management and administration, and enforce consistent policies in minutes not days.

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