Credit Union Compliance (NCUA)

National Credit Union Administration Information Security Requirement

National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)

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The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is an independent federal agency that requires U.S. federally-insured credit unions to establish a security program that addresses the privacy and protection of customer records and information.

The NCUA mandates that credit unions must design and implement an information security program to control identified risks, commensurate with the sensitivity of the information. Among the considerations must be access controls on member information systems and encryption of electronic member information, including while in transit or in storage on networks or systems.

Non-compliance with NCUA results in forced disclosure of breaches to consumers and regulators.

SafeNet Products for Credit Card Compliance:

Compliance with Data Center Encryption

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SafeNet provides controlled access and delivers encryption capabilities that protect personal data from internal and external threats.

  • Protect Data in Any State: By providing robust encryption capabilities, SafeNet secures sensitive member information throughout the credit union, whether data is at rest, in motion, or in use.

  • Customizeable Protection: Because it manages encryption at the field level, SafeNet’s database encryption products enable organizations to customize their security approach to ensure that sensitive data — whether a PIN number, social security number, or account number — is always protected.

  • Encryption Where You Need It: Secure the unstructured data residing on data center servers, encrypting data and controls access to sensitive folders and files kept on the hard drives of local and remote servers, network drives, and file servers.

  • Interoperability: SafeNet produts are able to protect shares, folders and files on any NAS filers, regardless of vendor.

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Compliance with Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure Access with Multi-Factor Authentication

SafeNet delivers multi-factor authentication and authorization capabilities that ensure only authorized access to critical data.

  • Control Access: SafeNet delivers comprehensive capabilities for managing client and administrative access to SafeNet’s database encryption product platform.

  • Role-Based Security: Platforms can be configured so that individual administrators are granted access only to areas for which they are responsible.

  • Get New Insights: SafeNet offers robust, centralized logging and auditing capabilities for all security-related activity.

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