Financial and Payment Hardware Security Modules

SafeNet Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from Gemalto are trusted to protect cover $1 trillion in financial transactions daily. As a leading provider of financial and payment HSMs, our solutions are designed to support the needs of retail payment processing environments for credit, debit, e-purse and chip cards, as well as internet payment applications, and web-based personal identification number (PIN) delivery.

Our Payment HSM Products:

SafeNet Payment HSM

The SafeNet Payment HSM is a high performance, network-attached Hardware Security Module (HSM) designed to secure financial transactions.

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SafeNet PIN Delivery

Gemalto’s award-winning PIN management platform, SafeNet PIN Delivery is designed to securely deliver PINs and lower the risk of fraud that occurs when PIN mailer letters are intercepted en route to customers.

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With SafeNet Payment HSMs You Can:


Build Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) Solutions

With a Point to Point Encryption solution, merchants can dramatically reduce the scope and cost of PCI DSS compliance. HSMs are a required component of a P2PE compliant solution, and SafeNet HSMs are used by some of the leading P2PE application providers.


Secure Mobile Payments

Mobile devices are everywhere and consumers are increasingly demanding new ways to make retail payments that leverage these technologies. From peer-to-peer applications to contactless payment cards, SafeNet HSMs support and enhance the expanding payment ecosystem.


Adhere to the EMV Security Standard

SafeNet HSMs specifically meet the needs of payment processors, card issuers, acquirers, merchants, and e-payment solution providers who need to adhere to EMV security standards and offer comprehensive EMV support from transaction processing to card issuance capabilities.


Securely Deliver Personal Identification Numbers

Banks and card issuers have always struggled to find a secure and cost effective way to delivery PINs. Paper-based mailers are easy to intercept by fraudsters, and voiced-based systems cannot be effectively secured. With SafeNet HSMs PINs can be delivered via a secure end-to-end encrypted tunnel between the cardholder and the card issuer.

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