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Structured Data Protection

Encrypt regulated data in databases and applications

Security Solutions for Structured Data

Structured data is some of the easiest to organize and analyze with its defined parameters, and organizations rely on the ability to quickly access this information. But with increasing threats and pressure to comply with industry regulations and government mandates, many companies require solutions to control who is able to access certain information.

For sensitive and regulated data residing in databases and applications, SafeNet provides encryption and tokenization solutions to ensure the security of information throughout its lifecycle. Organizations can retain control of their data and meet compliance standards by ensuring only authorized individuals are able to decrypt and view sensitive information.

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"We have used SafeNet for years to ensure that our customer data is protected."

– Matt Haynes, US Cellular

 SafeNet’s structured data encryption solutions offer granular protection with file- or column-level encryption, Format Preserving Tokenization, and centralized administration of encryption policies and keys. With enforced separation of duties, even privileged administrators are unable to see all information in the datacenter, but retain the tools and administrative functions necessary to do their jobs.

Perhaps most important for the bottom line, SafeNet’s solutions for structured data encryption are transparent so there is no disruption to business operations, performance, or the end-user experience. Organizations can implement best-in-class security without forfeiting productivity.

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SafeNet offers several products to help organizations protect structured data and achieve compliance through data at rest encryption and tokenization for databases and applications.

SafeNet Products for Structured Data Protection:

Tokenization Manager

SafeNet Tokenization Manager

SafeNet Tokenization Manager protects sensitive data that enters organizations and facilitates compliance with regulations (such as PCI DSS and HIPAA) by reducing the regulatory scope and costs.

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SafeNet ProtectDB

With SafeNet ProtectDB, organizations can encrypt their Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or IBM DB2. Innovative granular protection allows organizations to retain ownership of data throughout its lifecycle with file- or column-level encryption.

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SafeNet ProtectApp

SafeNet ProtectApp is an application encryption solution deployed in combination with SafeNet KeySecure that supports a broad range of the industry’s most widely used Web Application Servers and Enterprise Applications.

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Data at Rest Encryption Resources

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Importance of Key Management for Storage Security - White Paper

Over the last few years, as the requirements for data confidentiality and privacy have been magnified, encryption of stored data in the enterprise has become a much more compelling value proposition. In turn, many discrete storage encryption solutions, along with their customized key management systems, have been, and continue to be, implemented.

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Securing Seismic Images in Storage - White Paper

Energy and petrochemical companies manage vast amounts of sensitive data, and as news reports continue to make clear, these assets are too often exposed to compromise. For criminal organizations, nation-states, and malicious insiders, storage systems in energy and petrochemical companies represent a prime target—a central repository that can hold copies of virtually all sensitive files, including seismic images, financial and legal records, and other critical intellectual property.

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The Current State of Encryption and Key Management - White Paper

While encryption has been employed for decades, much has changed recently, and more change is sure to come. In recent years, the use of encryption has continued to increase, but so too have the number and scope of threats.

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Safeguarding Sensitive Data in Cloud Virtual Datacenters - White Paper

Although many organizations have made the move to virtualization and cloud service delivery models, there are still significant security challenges these environments present— challenges that many organizations have yet to address.

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