SafeNet Announces Industry’s First Integrated Single Sign-On and Strong Authentication to Cloud and SaaS

SafeNet Authentication Manager 8.0 Offers Single, Integrated Platform to Safeguard User Identities and Deliver Significant Cost Efficiencies Without Additional Provisioning

February 24, 2011

SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security, today announced SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) 8.0. This industry’s first unified enterprise platform combines strong authentication and identity federation to help organizations centrally manage user identities and access to both on-premise and cloud-based services and applications without additional user provisioning.

This new offering is an essential component of SafeNet’s Trusted Cloud Fabric™, a practical framework also unveiled today, that equips enterprises moving data, applications and systems to the cloud with a comprehensive suite of solutions to address existing security concerns and ensure compliance.

“Cloud service providers, platform service providers and platform vendors are working to define the scope of their identity management investments and assess how to derive value from ‘owning’ an identity,” said Steve Coplan of 451 Group.  “SafeNet in particular, has integrated authentication and SSO through a portal type of front end with a set of predefined integration modules, aimed at the midmarket.”

With the introduction of SAM 8.0, enterprises can take significant challenges – such as diffusion of access control boundaries and identity proliferation – head on. SAM 8.0 leverages an organization’s existing authentication infrastructure so that users can use the same logon credentials for both on-premise and cloud-based applications, guaranteeing a complete single sign-on (SSO) experience. Other key benefits include:


·         Low Total Cost of Ownership:  Full lifecycle management of all authentication operations in a single system – reducing cost of IT maintenance and deployment.

·         Flexibility to Grow: Ability to effortlessly add One-Time Password (OTP), mobile and advanced certificate-based security without the need to change infrastructure.

·         Reduction in Support Costs: Automated processes such as over-the-air activation and installation of software tokens and software tools, ensuring extensive support to lower support costs.

·         Improve Productivity: Capability to issue temporary software authenticators to ensure users stay productive – even when personal token is unavailable.

·         Advanced Reporting: Extensive reporting capabilities streamline compliance with a host of security regulations and policies.


SAM 8.0 offers complete support for SafeNet’s extensive portfolio of One-Time Password (OTP), software and certificate-based (PKI) authenticators enabling organizations to deploy OTP for remote access today and expand seamlessly to support more advanced security solutions in the future. SafeNet Authentication Manager’s capabilities include central, delegated, and self-service interfaces that allow customized levels of service and functionality to different tiers of users and administrators. SafeNet has more than 20,000 customers for its authentication devices with millions of authenticators deployed. SafeNet also has the largest market share, 65 percent, in the USB PKI based authentication market.


“Multi-factor authentication has grown increasingly critical to an organization’s core operations, a trend that has been amplified by the introduction of cloud computing and the need to secure remote user access to corporate systems and data regardless of where it is stored,” said Russ Dietz, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SafeNet.  “As a key part of our comprehensive Trusted Cloud Fabric™ Solution, SAM helps customers maximize authentication security and reduce costs by providing a centralized way to manage all access policies from one platform.”


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About SafeNet Trusted Cloud Fabric

SafeNet delivers a complete cloud fabric for virtualized environments, enabling enterprises to ensure trust throughout the lifecycle of enterprise data. The SafeNet Trusted Cloud Fabric™ represents a complete ecosystem that weaves together persistent protection, elastic encryption, anchored identity, and secured communication. With these capabilities, SafeNet brings trust to customers by delivering ownership and control over how data is isolated, protected, and shared—even in multi-tenant cloud environments. An extension of SafeNet Information Lifecycle Protection, the SafeNet Trusted Cloud Fabric™ enables customers to seamlessly integrate any cloud model into their near-term and long-term security strategies.

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About SafeNet, Inc.

Founded in 1983, SafeNet is a global leader in information security.  SafeNet protects its customers’ most valuable assets, including identities, transactions, communications, data and software licensing, throughout the data lifecycle.  More than 25,000 customers across both commercial enterprises and government agencies and in over 100 countries trust their information security needs to SafeNet.

About SafeNet, Inc.

Founded in 1983, SafeNet, Inc. is one of the largest information security companies in the world, and is trusted to protect the most sensitive data for market-leading organizations around the globe. SafeNet’s data-centric approach focuses on the protection of high-value information throughout its lifecycle, from the data center to the cloud. More than 25,000 customers across commercial enterprises and government agencies trust SafeNet to protect and control access to sensitive data, manage risk, ensure compliance, and secure virtual and cloud environments.  Learn more about SafeNet on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+.