SafeNet Announces Inclusion of IEEE Software Taggant System in Sentinel LDK Software Monetization Solution

Implementation to help antivirus vendors eliminate false positive detection of legitimate software apps as malware

October 23, 2014

SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in software monetization, today announced that its Sentinel® LDK (Licensing Development Kit) solution for software protection, licensing, and management, now incorporates the IEEE Software Taggant System to overcome the issue of false positive detection of protected ("packed") applications as malware.

Many software vendors utilize binary packers to obfuscate code and restore it before execution. However, according to Michael Zunke, VP, CTO of Software Monetization at SafeNet, and founding member of the IEEE Industry Connections Security Group (ICSG), which developed the Taggant System, "the problem that 'packers' present for antivirus companies is that malware writers use some of the same code-obfuscation techniques as legitimate application developers, making it difficult for antivirus software to identify which applications to flag as malware. This often leads to false-positives for legitimate applications."

The Taggant System, which may be used by the makers of commercial packing and obfuscation programs and antivirus vendors, places a cryptographically secure marker in the packed and obfuscated files created by commercial software distribution packaging programs (packers). Legitimate packers are often abused by malware creators to create many, difficult-to-detect variants of their malware. The Taggant System markers identify the specific packer user license key, used to create an instance of packed software. If the software is identified as malware, the relevant packer user can then be blacklisted, and all files created by that packer user will be reported as suspicious in the Taggant System.

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