University of Wisconsin-Madison Secures eMail and Sensitive Files with SafeNet eToken PRO Authenticators

eToken PRO provides cost-effective strong user authentication and password management for students and staff

 “We selected Aladdin eToken because of its unparalleled functionality, as well as its ongoing acceptance at other major universities. We look forward to deploying several thousand Aladdin eTokens throughout our numerous schools, as it has proven to be a manageable, cost-effective solution for storing digital certificates.” Nicholas Davis, PKI Project Leader, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Customer Profile

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has long been recognized as one of America's great universities. A public, land-grant institution, UW-Madison offers a complete spectrum of liberal arts studies, professional programs and student activities to over 40,000 enrolled students.


Business Challenge

  • Protect the email and files of numerous students and staff
  • A solution that could be easily deployed to a diverse user base consisting of students and faculty
  • A certificate-based  solution that provides a high level of security
  • A flexible and portable solution that could be used for password management and digital signing


  • The University of Wisconsin has deployed thousands of the award winning eToken PRO authenticator to staff and students
  • eToken PRO offers a secure, yet portable method of storing and using digital credentials, ensures the integrity of any content sent and confirms the identity of an email sender
  • eToken PRO met the university’s requirement for a highly portable, secure and flexible certificate-based authentication solution. It was easy to deploy, cost effective and supports secure email communication as well as offering password management.