Egg Expedites PIN Issuance with SafeNet Solution

With ViewPIN+ from SafeNet, PIN requests through the Egg Web site is fulfilled instantly and the customer can use their card immediately.

ViewPIN+ Web-based PIN Management Platform

“The SafeNet ViewPIN+ solution has helped us reduce our overhead costs significantly, as well as provide our customers with the convenience and security they not only expect, but deserve.”

Stuart Horler
Lead Security Architect
Egg plc

Customer Profile

Egg, the UK’s leading online bank and a member of Citi, became the U.K.’s first Internet-only bank in 1998. Today, it is the world’s largest online bank with 3.2 million customers. Egg is a savvy, agile organization that leverages the Internet in innovative ways to improve both efficiency and customer experience. 

Business Challenge

  • Sending PINs through the traditional mail delivery channel was very costly, time consuming, and highly insecure
  • Wanted customers to experience the best service possible by being able to use their cards immediately after receiving them, rather than having to wait seven to ten days for their PIN to follow by mail
  • Lower the risk of fraud that typically occurs when PIN mailer letters are intercepted en route to customers


  • SafeNet’s award-winning PIN management platform ViewPIN+ perfectly suited the challenge of finding an electronic pin solution
  • Offer hardware key management, and would ensure that cryptographic keys and processes were, at all times, stored and managed exclusively within FIPS-validated hardware
  • Code signing and verification would maintain the integrity of the Java application code and prevent unauthorized application execution
  • Strictly-enforced access and usage policies would prevent unauthorized access to sensitive applications or data
  • PIN requests through the Egg Web site is fulfilled instantly and the customer can use their card immediately