Antwerp Port Authority

Antwerp Port Authority chooses SafeNet as part of its secure and trusted e-Invoicing solution

Secure Electronic Invoicing Solution

"We need a reliable partner to generate added value for our business and for our customers.  SafeNet, with its security expertise and leading technology, is the best choice to ensure the authenticity of our invoices and bring peace of mind to us and all our customers."

Jan Goosens
Manager Software Development
Antwerp Port Authority

Customer Profile

Antwerp Port Authority manages the 4th largest port in the world, including docks, berths, locks, and bridges. 

Business Challenges

  • Establish and maintain a secure and trusted e-Invoicing solution
  • Protect electronic invoices from being altered in transit
  • Comply with European legislative mandates
  • Integrate with existing technology partners


  • Electronic invoice solution based on digital signatures that ensures authenticity and integrity of invoices
  • SafeNet's Luna SA HSM secures storage of signatures and cryptographic keys
  • Adobe LiveCycle Manager that creates the invoices into a PDF/A-compliant document with a secure, embedded time stamp
  • GlobalSign Certified Document Services (CDS), delivering high-assurance digital identities to organizations and users worldwide

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